Updates from Alaska

Wow – how is it already June? Time sure flies. May was full of mostly rainy days with some adventures squeezed in whenever the sun would grace us with its presence. April showers don’t bring May flowers in Alaska – they bring May showers. One sunny day I had a minor mishap involving a steep mountainside filled with sharp rocks and my hand…so typing has been a little tricky. But – nothing a little super glue can’t fix 🙂 And I’m almost back to normal, so I thought it would be a good time for a month in review – in pictures! Enjoy!

Back to your regularly scheduled blog posts next week!


Possibly one of my all-time favorite shots. This was the view that I wrecked my hand for – totally worth it!


Morning sunrise on my run


View of the harbor on a sunny day


I found a waterfall on my hike!


The salmon berries are coming! Now if I can just get a strategy to pick them before everyone else in town…


Selfie on top of the ridge


Visibility: about 20 miles.


The seagulls here are ridiculous


The other day I made a “mobile office” and lugged my lunch and my computer up to a meadow. Not a bad view.


Seagulls hoping for salmon scraps out on the dock


This ridge was filled with mountain goats climbing around in the snow


Boats headed out into the sunset for the first salmon opener.


Sneak peak at Sheridan Glacier – post coming next week!


2 thoughts on “Updates from Alaska

    1. Thanks! I absolutely love that photo, too! Funny story about it when I talk to you, though. And yes…I am off the next two days…and the sun is supposed to be out the whole time. I am stoked to say the least.

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