Five Awesome Ways I Spent My Money This Month

It’s been really rainy lately in Cordova, which means that I’ve been spending lots of time on my computer, inevitably finding new and exciting things to do post-Alaska. A loose schedule is beginning to form…and I am so excited! Along with trip planning, I’ve just found some really cool causes which are worthy of support.

San Miguel de Allende

The headliner of the post is my apartment which I’ve rented in the small Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende for November and December. San Miguel is a small, artsy town a few hours north of Mexico City and will act as the base for my travels to explore some of Mexico.

BSO Worldwide Refugee Welcome Team

BeSomeone Worldwide: Refugee Welcome Team – My friend, Michaele, is leading an organization promoting kindness, compassion, and adventure travel. I’ve never traveled with them, but Michaele and her husband are just brilliant and they’re doing wonderful things. They primarily work in Masaai villages in Africa, but they also partner with local organizations in Pennsylvania which are working to resettle refugees in the USA. They recently welcomed a family from Etirea (check out photos here) and worked to get them settled into a new home. The photos will melt your heart. The process is starting again to welcome the next family, and if you’re interested in helping out or looking to make a meaningful impact…I’m not sure I can think of a better way than making a donation. I did 🙂

Playing the “Woman Card”

I found these Woman Cards when I was perusing various news sites looking for my Reasons to Smile post. I obviously had to buy some. At first I wanted to hide them to surprise friends – I can think of a few people who would be obsessed with these and they’ll make great birthday gifts. But…I’m not very patient and I just had to share. If you are reading this, we’re friends and you 1) live in Cordova or 2) have someone in your phone under “Lil Britches” then there might be a set of these coming your way for an upcoming birthday. Want to buy your own or support the cause? Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

Lake Powell Half Marathon

I had big plans this summer to run two half marathons…but for various reasons it seems like it won’t work out. Never fear…I’ve found a new one and wasted no time in registering Lake Powell Half Marathon is in Page, Arizona along the border with Utah. The scenery looks jaw-dropping, the course is downhill, and it is pretty close to the Grand Canyon which I’ve been wanting to visit. Mark your calendars – October 15th is the day. Anyone want to join?? 🙂

Team Trent

My dear friends Lauren and Steve have a little boy, Trent, who has Williams Syndrome (learn more here). Each year, The Williams Syndrome Association in Cleveland has a walk to raise awareness about WS and to support families living with the condition. Team Trent is preparing for the walk on May 21st, and though I never seem to be able to join, I always support and send love from afar. Donations go to raise awareness about WS and to help provide scholarships for families to attend the annual WS Convention. Go get ’em, Trent! 🙂

Trent, laughing with his big brother, Tyce

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