Six Reasons to Smile on This Monday Morning

No politics. No election news. No drama. These little gems are guaranteed to start your week off the right way. Enjoy!

Guaranteed to make you smile, these elderly folks are saying “No way!” to dressing their age. These outfits are fantastic! Hats off to these feisty humans.

I have been laughing at these hilarious texts for the past week. Some of you may have gotten an email with this link in it. I just can’t move on. I was laying in bed and laughing out loud while scrolling through these on my phone. The “Pecan Pie” one just gets me every time – just thinking of the poor guy trying to type “no” and having his efforts thwarted each time by the auto-correct is making me giggle all over again……

Who doesn’t love baby corn? Learn where it comes from and how to make your own!

I came across this fantastic little video of Gwen Stefani singing karaoke in the car with George Clooney and Julia Roberts for a late-night show feature. It’s pretty entertaining. Also…Gwen Stefani is 46?!? She looks amazing.

KFC has just unveiled a new lickable nail polish which tastes like fried chicken and keeps its flavor. As if the “Chizza” wasn’t enough…I just can’t believe this is a thing. And that people would want this? And how gross is it that we are trying to incentivize people to put their fingers in their mouths? Ew.

And finally, today marks 5 weeks until Finding Dory releases in theaters. I mean…there’s not even a movie theater in Cordova…but this is still quite exciting! Woo!


Happy Monday!


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