Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

It’s that time of year again – the time where I hurry to read books I don’t want to have to carry with me, enjoy my last few months of tropical weather and obsessively check Kayak. That’s right, folks. I’m on the downhill slide of my time in India. Two months left, to be exact. I’ll be spending the following six months in…drum roll please…ALASKA! Yippee!

It’s been pretty high on my list the past year – so I finally did some research and made it happen. It was pretty quick actually – it barely even passed my obligatory one-week waiting period before it became official. I’m really excited for fresh air, mountains that meet the sea, hiking, kayaking, delicious seafood among so many other things. It’s also a place where I’m legally allowed to work, so that is helpful.

I really love living in India, but while I was walking to work in the Bangalore traffic actively trying not to get run over…it made me smile to think that in just a few months my life will be completely different. Glaciers, dogsleds and moose sound almost as exotic as saris, coconuts and elephants did to me a year ago.

The only unfortunate bit is that I won’t really have any time to travel throughout India before heading home. As it is I’ll have to finish part of my current commitment in India remotely from the States. Oh well…I guess that just means I’ll have to come back! I will have some weekends to check out Southern India – if any of you have some recommendations of some great weekend destinations, let me know!


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