Old Dog, New Tricks

When I was home for the holidays, I taught my friend’s four-year-old son the art of knock-knock jokes. It started here:

1: Knock-knock
2: Who’s there
1: Interrupting cow
2: Interrupting co–moo!! (said by person 1…interrupting #2! HA.)

This quickly devolved…with my encouragement…and among many, many others favorites included:

  • interrupting starfish (open palm with five fingers interrupts you by suctioning itself to your face)
  • interrupting jellyfish (interrupts by stinging you)
  • interrupting pinching bug (guess what this one does…)

and then my personal favorite, invented by the four-year-old…the interrupting hug. So cute. Everyone always loves when cool Aunt Cindy comes to visit and teaches fun new tricks! 🙂

In India, I am constantly learning cool new tricks everyday. Some are novel, some are odd and almost all are completely out of left field. It would be so interesting to know how some of these originated. Below are some of the innovative tricks I’ve learned recently which actually make sense.

In Bangalore, there are a ton of street dogs – more than any other city in India. I noticed that about 90% of the time they are missing the tips of their ears. I thought it was really strange and cruel – why on earth would someone do that? I recently learned the answer – the ear tips are cut of dogs which have been spayed or neutered. Because there are so many street dogs, there are a number of programs working on “population control.” When the vet is driving down the street, he can tell which dogs need to be clipped with little more than a glance. Sure, you could argue is a little cruel (and you wouldn’t be wrong), but it is also pretty smart.

Indian food uses A LOT of onions – which I am a huge fan of. It never fails, however, that when I’m cooking I can’t get past onion number 1 without sobbing. Recently I was attempting to cook dinner with a friend, eyes full of tears, and she handed me her motorcycle helmet. I looked at her like she was crazy, like any normal person would do, until I tried it out. I’ll tell you what…it looked a little ridiculous but it worked wonders. Brilliant.

Did you know you can do more than make toast in a toaster? If you take a pop-up toaster and lay it on it’s side, you can put your desired sandwich fillings on top of each piece of bread and slide it in the toaster. When the time is up and it pops out…you have a home-made panini ready to be assembled 🙂

I guess you could call these Life Hacks – A La India


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