2015 in Review

2015 was a pretty crazy year. I started off in Boston on the Orange Line, then moved to the Red Line with some friends. I bought a lot of proper furniture, bedding, pots and pans, etc. and was planning to be there for a while. In June, the plan changed when I unexpectedly parted ways with the organization I was working for. I opened up Google maps, decided India would be a good change and I bought my ticket a week later. I sold all I had accumulated, left my clothes in a basement and hopped on a plane in August with only my backpack. I’ve already gone through one job here – they were crazy. I’ve also gone through one roommate/apartment – he was crazy, too (keep your common denominator theories to yourself). But my new job starts the beginning of January and I am SO excited for it. And an apartment will follow soon.

Here are some pictures and highlights from the year. Looking forward to what new memories 2016 will bring.

  1. Surprise! – Blythe’s parents and I teamed up to pull a little holiday surprise. I secretly flew home for Christmas and popped out of a box to surprise her. This definitely makes the highlight list. I love surprising people. This went went much better than when I tried to mail a glitter “bomb” to LA…that surprise did NOT go over so well.

    This little gem is a blast from the past circa 2005 in good old Harbold. Not much has changed :)
    This little gem is a blast from the past circa 2005 in good old Harbold Hall. Not much has changed…though I don’t remember that chair being blue…
  2. Tenniversary – This year marked my ten year anniversary (tenniversary) with Blythe. I made a storybook with a rhyme on each page and drew children’s book-type illustrations with pastels/Photoshop and ordered it through Snapfish…and it came out really cool 🙂

    Ten years later. Hanging out at Jax’s Candy Cane – themed party…in August…
  3. KR Market – I could have done a top 10 of just Indian highlights, but I wanted to include a lot of US fun as well. Seeing KR Market was very surreal – it was so big, so crowded, and quite possibly the best people watching I’ve ever seen.

    The view from the safety of the bridge above.
  4. Boston Harbor – Living in Boston was pretty awesome. I loved eating on the harbor and the An Toine. If you’re in Boston, go to the Barking Crab – it’s the best there is!

    This city is pretty great (except when there is 5 feet of snow)
    This city is pretty great (except when there is 5 feet of snow)
  5. Poolside – That’s right, I bought a 5 foot inflatable pool at Target, filled it bucket by bucket and put it out on my deck. I could set a milk crate in the pool and watch Netflix while staying cool. It was easily the best idea I’ve ever had – whether I played cards, watched Netflix, drank Sangria with Kerri or listened to Megan call something Crazy Beautiful for the millionth time…it was pretty great.

    This is what I like to call the good life. Pool – check. Friends – check. Sangria – check.
  6. New Thanksgiving Traditions – This year, some friends and I got together, streamed the parade at 9pm and ate mutton biryani, bruschetta, mashed potatoes and tandoori chicken. Then we watched a few Friends Thanksgiving episodes. It didn’t include turkey, but it was still pretty great.turkey day
  7. Peach Cobbler & Nutella Cheesecake – my birthday included both of these, and family, a pool (a real pool) and crab legs…making it the best birthday ever.

    Andddd...proper pool
    Andddd…proper pool
  8. Austin – A friend and I escaped the Northeast blizzard and went to Austin for a week. Typing this also makes me realize that food seems to be a theme on here…because we basically ate our way through Austin. We had a goal of 10 tacos from the 10 best food trucks…but only managed to do 7 on the last day.

    This doughnut food truck was the highlight of the trip.
    This doughnut truck was the highlight of the trip.
  9. Dog Show – While I was running one day in Boston I stumbled upon a dog show – I believe it was the national semi-finals. What it was doing in South Boston I’m not sure, but it was pretty fantastic.

    These jumping dogs were amazing
    These jumping dogs were my favorite. I took some pretty sweet slow motion videos (which apparently I can’t insert) boo.
  10. Chennai Relief – This has to round out the list. Helping with the relief efforts and experiencing such a sense of community after such tragedy was a pretty amazing thing to see. I look forward to going back to Chennai in the near future and checking out the beaches when they are back to their former glory.IMG_2765

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