I Have Internet!!

Whew! After 3 home visits by a total of 7 technicians, at least 15 different phone calls and a few strongly worded emails, my apartment is now connected to the interwebs. ACT customer service is worse than FedEx. Sheesh.

I immediately dove into the black hole to see all I had missed on Facebook, Instagram, etc…which of course was nothing. Some friends had babies, some friends had very nice looking meals at nice looking restaurants, some friends drank Pumpkin Spice Lattes and some Bangalore folks whom I don’t know sent me several friend requests. I don’t know why, but it is SO ADDICTING. I can’t help it. Next I dove into the news. Just in today’s news, I learned about the shooting at Planned Parenthood, the waiter who was shot at a Waffle House in Mississippi and violent Black Friday shoppers across the US. Seems like maybe some people should be more fearful of their neighbors instead of Syrian Refugees – just a thought.

On a happier note, the holiday season (well, the Western holiday season) has officially started! I enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, and we even streamed the parade online. Success. Black Friday doesn’t exist in India – double success – so I completely missed that craziness. This afternoon Veena and I went to do some shopping and we found a Christmas store over near Commercial Street. The decorations were decent by Indian standards – fake trees covered in fake snow, lights, garland, balls, the works. I’ve never been that into Christmas, but this year I’m pretty excited for it. Maybe because I miss most of the commercialization of it, so it is nice to see the occasional Santa sign in the shopping malls or the Christmas music playing at Starbucks (I know, I’m a stereotype…but they have good internet!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

turkey day

We found Christmas!!! There is something about posing next to a Christmas tree in shorts and sunglasses with fake snow in the background that is quite amusing to me.







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