The Golden Avocados

My friends and I decided that Fridays are “American Fridays,” meaning that I will cook American food. They are delighted and I get an excuse to eat cheese, so everyone’s happy. Last week was the inaugural meal and I wasn’t quite sure what to make, so I headed to the grocery store for inspiration. I mostly eat local food, so I wasn’t really sure what ingredients I could find here and what I could not. After lots of perusing the aisles, I settled on typical Cindy food instead of typical American food – a sweet potato dish, grilled zucchini, salad and grilled chicken. I finally managed to find everything I was looking for (or some version of it) and head to the check-out.

When I paid, my bill was a little higher than I expected, but I chalked it up to poor rounding on my part and headed home. I was already running late because it was raining so traffic was horrible (no drainage + downpour + roads filled with potholes = cars afraid to drive in puddles because you can’t see how big they are) so I grabbed my bags and headed to Vidhya’s to start cooking.

The salad I was making required two avocados. So far, I had only seen the avocados with the green skin here, but the only kind they had in the supermarket were the black-skinned ones, which I prefer. I was quite excited for the find. There was no price listed, but I know there are avocados in India so I wasn’t too concerned. Maybe my friends would scold me for paying a few cents extra, but I figured it wasn’t a big deal – how expensive could they be? This is India – I can comfortably eat for $1-2/day. It’s not like I was buying fancy imported wine; it’s fruit.

All produce gets individually wrapped with a price sticker and a bar code on it so the cashier can just scan, they don’t have to type in a PLU code like they do in the US. When I grabbed the little bag of avocados to chop up and put in the salad, a number caught my eye. 563 rupees ($8.60). What?? That couldn’t possibly be for two avocados…could it? Yup. Apparently, these avocados are imported from New Zealand and come with a premium price tag. That’s $4.30 for ONE avocado! I couldn’t, and still can’t believe it. That is more than double what I would consider expensive in the US! The actual sales price at the store was 999 rupees ($15.25) per kg. Ugh. Lesson learned – read before you buy.

Next week for American Friday – mac and cheese 🙂


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