The Day I Accidentally Ran in a Marathon

Some friends and I were planning to take a day trip to Mysore on Sunday and someone knew someone with a car. This driver came over to our house at 5:30 in the morning because he decided he wanted to beat the traffic. We had agreed on 7:30, so obviously we were still asleep and not ready. Luckily I managed to stay in bed and got my roommate to chase the crazy driver away until a reasonable hour. I couldn’t fall back asleep, however, so after laying in bed for an hour I decided I would take a quick run – I still had half an hour to spare before needing to get ready.

I started running my typical route to the main road, but when I got to the junction it seemed the road was blocked. When I snuck between the cars to see what was going on, there were lots and lots of runners! Sweet! I thought, no traffic!! I looked around, no one was paying attention or trying to stop me, so I joined in. People were running both directions, but there weren’t many running in the same direction as me. I realized later, that this is because I hopped in with the top 10 runners. At the next junction, people were clapping and cheering and taking my picture. I played along laughing and pumping my fists in the air. I passed a sign that said 26 km in bold letters. Woah I thought, this a marathon! I turned around and ran back down the hill, passing people along the way. Of course I was running faster – I had gone about 5km and they were around 30 (A full marathon is about 42km). I felt a little bad for stealing their thunder, but it was fun to pass everyone!

The crowds which had cheered for me 30 minutes earlier gave me funny looks when I ran past them a second time and then hopped off of the course. Oh well. It was nice to not worry about traffic! So though I did not run a marathon…I can say I ran in a marathon! It’s always an adventure around here.


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