Jumpstart Your Monday

Here are some pretty interesting articles to check out while drinking your morning coffee.

  1. Have you listened to the Limetown podcast yet? It is similar to Serial, but is fictional. It leans a little closer to sci-fi than reality at times, but after just two episodes I’m hooked.
  2. Pope Francis is pretty awesome.
    • He used to be a bouncer at an Argentinian club
    • He is releasing a pop rock album
    • He turned down lunch with congress while visiting the USA to spend time with the homeless
    • He backs environmental plans to stop climate change. This isn’t popular among some climate change deniers – a few months ago Rick Santorum told Pope Francis “We probably are better off leaving science to the scientists, and focusing on what we’re really good at, which is theology and morality,” to which the pope replied: I studied chemistry. Drop mic.
    • See a longer list of awesome things here
  3. This awesome photography by Fabrice Monterio in Senegal displays some of the environmental issues faced by the small African nation (and Africa as a whole) which are very well done.
  4. Last week, US presidential candidate Ben Carson stated that he would not support a Muslim president of the US under any circumstances. His ignorant remark spurred this awesome response from a 12-year-old boy. A few days later, Carson defended himself by saying he would rethink his position if someone rewrote [the Quran,] the millennia-old religious text that serves as Islam’s foundation. Really?? Yes, just rewrite your entire belief system. That’s all.
  5. This video does an excellent job at describing the Syrian crisis. I highly recommend watching. Also related, HONY author Brandon Stanton is currently photographing the refugee crisis. His photographs and first-hand accounts really put my daily problems into perspective. If you don’t follow his posts already, you should.
  6. The Happy Birthday song was copyrighted?? Oh well…not anymore!
  7. Did you know selfies kill more people than shark attacks each year?

My selfie of the week – I got my nose pierced! Happy Monday!IMG_1921


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