Street Life

One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing how others live their lives. The food they eat, the clothes they wear, the holidays they celebrate – it is all so interesting. I spend lots of my free time wandering around the city taking pictures of the colors and the people. I don’t like to be the touristy person that gawks at everyone, though, so it takes lots of wandering until I find a good vantage point where I can hang out and observe the happenings around me without looking obnoxious. Last weekend, I went to the ATM, and as the person in front of me punched in their PIN, the power went out. (Typical.) Which means the ATM was out of commission. I decided to wait outside for a few minutes – sometimes it comes back right away. While I was waiting, I realized I was in the perfect spot to snap some pictures of the street life. So much happens on the street! Here are some of my favorites.

Some women selling flowers on the sidewalk

IMG_1604 More sidewalk flowers


Street vendors selling corn, oranges and peanuts


More peanuts


Fresh veggies!


This man was selling “American Sweet Corn” I’m not sure what that means.


Washing dishes in the shade on the sidewalk


Local lunch spot


This wasn’t from my perch in front of the ATM, but while I walked around waiting for the power to come back on I got some mehandi!


I didn’t think through how long it would take the clay to dry. But it was totally worth it!



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